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Monday, June 24 2024

Aberdeen, often referred to as the Granite City due to its many enduring granite buildings, is Scotland’s third-largest city and a place with a unique investment profile. Known for its oil industry, the city has been developing as an energy capital, aiming to create a modern, net-zero economy. Here’s why Aberdeen might be a good choice for property investors.

Economic Transition

Aberdeen is transitioning from being solely Europe’s oil capital to becoming a hub for renewable energy and technology. This shift is expected to create new job opportunities and support the housing market as the city adapts to the future.


Aberdeen is one of the most affordable cities in the United Kingdom to buy property. The average property values are lower than many other parts of the UK, which could mean a higher potential for investment returns.

Rental Market

The rental demand in Aberdeen is strong, supported by the city’s diverse economy that includes industries such as research science, life sciences, and the energy sector. The presence of major service centres and hospitals like Aberdeen Royal Infirmary also contributes to a steady rental market.

Investment Hotspots

Aberdeen offers several areas that are considered property investment hotspots, with business parks and industrial estates providing thousands of jobs. These areas are attractive to both national and international companies, suggesting a vibrant market with ample property investment opportunities.

Quality of Life

Aberdeen’s residents are considered to be among the wealthiest in the UK, thanks to high incomes offered by the oil industry and lower living costs. This wealth supports the property market and creates more demand for homes to buy and rent.


The city is well-connected to the rest of Scotland and the UK, with a busy airport and train station facilitating movement and trade. Aberdeen’s infrastructure supports the oil industry and is the busiest heliport for movements in Europe.

Property Prices

Recent trends show that you can buy property in Aberdeen starting from around £40,000. While property prices are linked to the fortunes of the oil industry and the oil price, the current low prices present a great opportunity for investment.

Future Developments

Major projects like the Energy Transition Zone and the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub are set to redefine the city’s economic landscape. These developments are likely to increase property values as the city becomes a leader in renewable energy.


Aberdeen presents a unique opportunity for property investment. Its economic transition, affordability, and strong rental market make it an attractive option for investors. The city’s ongoing development projects and strategic position as an energy hub suggest potential for both rental yield and capital growth.

In summary, Aberdeen is a good place to buy a property for investment, especially now, with property prices being much lower than the national average and offering high rental yields. With strategic planning and an eye on the city’s future, investors can find rewarding opportunities in Aberdeen’s property market.

For those considering an investment in Aberdeen, it’s an opportune time to explore the possibilities this city has to offer. With its strategic advantages and commitment to an energy-efficient future, Aberdeen is poised to be a smart choice for property investors looking to capitalize on Scotland’s vibrant property market. 🏡💼

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