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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are these properties tenanted?
    Yes they are! However tenants come and go and at the point of enquiry we can let you know the current status of the property. Even if the property is empty we relet them very quickly. We always supply you with the current tenancy agreement.

  2. Are they producing a positive cashflow?
    The short answer is yes. Our business has been built off the back of tenants paying the rent. Even if we have a non paying tenant in one of our properties we simply serve a section 21 notice and relet the property again. A tenant is temporary but a property is for life.

  3. Can I view the property?
    You can view the property from the outside. Internal viewings are not possible. The properties are in very very basic condition but habitable. We do not like to upset the tenant with multiple viewings from prospective buyers. Our tenants pay our wages after all and the last thing we want to do is disturb this vital cash flow.

  4. Why are there no or very few internal pictures?
    We try our best to get internal pictures but some of our tenants have been with us for years and they have requested we do not display their life for the world to see!

  5. I've seen a property in the same street cheaper so are your properties overpriced?
    Absolutely not! If there are cheaper properties in the same street you can guarantee they will need refurbishment, need gas central heating, need electrical repairs or even worse. All our properties are fully functional and up to regulations. We spend a fair few thousand pounds to get them habitable and ready to let.

  6. How do I make an offer?
    Make contact through our contact form by clicking on "CONTACT" above.

  7. Why do I have to pay £100 towards my deposit prior to exchange?
    We call this a financial handshake. We ask for this small sum upfront to make sure you are serious about buying. We are very serious about selling and want to make sure we are both on the same page. It is not a sourcing fee or buyer's premium as it goes fully against the purchase price of the property.

  8. What happens after I pay the £100 deposit?
    You will be directed to a form where you fill out yours and your solicitor's details. We then forward on this information to our solicitor who will issue contracts to your solicitors within 24 hours. Both sets of solicitors will do their thing and we expect the transaction to complete within 8 weeks time.

    Company Number: 07135556
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